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Why Use Social Monetizer?

Do you have a following on Youtube, IG or FB? You can turn you social media presence directly into money.

Whether you want some extra cash for a vacation or a new car, SocialMonetizer is bringing you a platform that allows you to profit off social media like your favorite celebrities. With our help you can earn more even from already monetized social presence. Why not add up to 100% to your current income by spending just a few minutes of your time?

Become a promoter In 3 steps


Sign up using the username you go by on social media. Include a link to your channel/account/group/fan page.


Talk to our team and discuss all the possibilities of earning from your account.


You can now get paid to upload posts/links/pictures/videos/etc.

SocialMonetizer has helped me add 20% to my income from my youtube channel!

Stan, youtuber

Guys from socialmonetizer provided me content for my IG stories and I made some good money just posting them! Thanks!

Julia, IG influencer

Payments made simple

We will reply as soon as possible!


You’re in control

Choose to monetize as much as you wish. Need help? Our professional team can help you!


No fees

Sign up for our platform is free. SocialMonetizer helps you monetize your channel or account or fan page/group.


Get paid in a few ways

Once the pay period comes, we send your money by Paypal, direct deposit, or your other preferred payment method.

A platform you can trust

Every celebrity influencer on our platform with a blue checkmark is real and has been vetted by our dedicated team. We also use industry leading technology to keep your data safe.

Influencers like you, worldwide

We bring you the best possible solutions for the growth and prosperity of your business.




Get up to / per post


Requests sent

We’ve got you covered

If something does come up, though, we have your back.

We know it’s important to be able to trust any website you give information to. SocialMonetizer has strict community standards and we make our platform’s security a top priority.

Secure servers to store any information you share

100% guarantee of earnings growth

Secure transactions

Global customer support

Verified accounts

Become a monetizer

Your questions answered

You can sign up by clicking Become a monetizer link.

Its totally free! You can join us now for free!

Yes, absolutely! We can help you monetize any channel or account! We are looking for reach, not exact amount of followers.

Yes! We can still help you earn more from your reach even if you already monetize it any way.

In most cases we pay net-30, but we try out best to pay earlier.

You can email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you shortly. Usually within 24-48 hours.